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Addiction Rehab in Brooklyn

If you know someone who could benefit from addiction rehab, you want to get that person help as soon as possible. At Drug Addiction Rehab Centers Brooklyn, we help patients through each step of the recovery process and provide the follow-up care needed to help them maintain their sobriety. If someone you care about has been struggling with substance abuse, contact Brooklyn Addiction Rehab Centers at 718-408-2197. We can provide you with further information, along with tips you can use to stage an intervention and get your loved one the help they need.

What is an Addiction?

People who are addicted to drugs or alcohol lose the ability to control their behaviors and make rational decisions. The addictive nature of the drugs they are using takes over, and they will do whatever they need to in order to obtain the substance. They do this without any regard for the physical, emotional, psychological, financial or personal consequences that may arise as a result.

Prescription Drug Addiction

Aside from illegal drug abuse and alcohol dependence, prescription drug abuse is a dire problem in the United States. Some of the most commonly abused prescription medications include opioid pain medications. These are frequently abused, and many patients do not realize the addictive nature of these substances when they start taking them. Vicodin, Oxycodone and other opiates are frequently prescribed following surgery and hospitalization, and without proper follow-up, addiction can result.

Even worse is the fact that individuals who become addicted to opioid pain medications sometimes turn to heroin when they are unable to obtain prescriptions. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, one in 15 people who take non-medical pain relievers will try heroin in the next 10 years. That sobering statistic shows the scope of the problem and why it is so important to get the right drug rehab. Drug Treatment Centers Brooklyn has the qualified staff and proven treatment methods to help you fight your addiction. Call us today at 718-408-2197, and receive the help you deserve.

Prescription stimulants such as Adderall and Ritalin can be remarkably effective at treating people with Attention Deficit Disorder. These drugs are frequently abused by college students to help them focus and stay up all night studying. What they don’t realize is how quickly they can come to depend on these medications.

Ambien and other sleeping medications are also frequent targets of abuse. When used properly and for short periods of time, Ambien and related drugs can be effective at helping people sleep. They can, however, be habit-forming, and when that happens, they become dangerous.

What Are the Treatment Options?

There are a number of drug rehab options available, and at Drug Treatment Centers Brooklyn, we work hard to match the right course of treatment to every patient. Some alcoholics and drug addicts will benefit greatly from intensive inpatient drug treatment, while others will respond better to a combination of outpatient treatment and behavioral therapy. Our addiction professionals work hard to create a safe and comfortable environment for each patient that enters the treatment center.

Residential vs. Outpatient – How to Choose

If someone you care about suffers from a substance abuse problem, there are a number of choices when getting treatment. You can choose from our outpatient program that provides help with addiction counseling and gives you the tools needed to get clean and avoid a relapse. This type of program is typically reserved for those who have completed a residential program, and are looking for additional support and guidance. Outpatient treatment allows you to attend regular weekly meetings, while still being able to tend to your family and work obligations.

With residential inpatient treatment, patients live at the facility and stay there for the duration of the drug rehab, which can last anywhere from 30-45 days in most cases. This option can be a good choice for substance abusers at high risk of relapse or for those who have failed at past outpatient treatment attempts. The added benefit of medical detox in a safe and comfortable environment, with continual medical supervision is available when you become a part of our inpatient program.

To learn more about this and other treatment options, call Brooklyn Drug Addiction Rehab Treatment Centers at 718-408-2197. Our addiction specialists are ready to take your call.

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